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Well, I have a short quickie story to tell. Had met Mr. Big Black Dick a few times on previous visits to Las Vegas and the first time I met him, I was a bit scared. His dick was very thick, and when it got hard, it got “REALLY BIG!” Well, it ended up pretty good after a bit of struggling to get it in me, lube is the key and like most of you guys, you think that a drop of lube will do the job! It irritates me because most of you guys have no clue that it takes a lot of lube around the asshole, “my” ass hole. Most of the guys put the lube on their dicks, your best bet is to always put tons of it all over “my” ass hole! Slobber the hole, there is not shortage of sexy lube!

When he arrived, we talked for a long time and I was wearing my turquoise high heel shoes with red thigh highs and nothing else. I had not time to put on anything else and I was still putting on my make up anyhow. He wore a very nice shirt, nice pants, and had really huge muscles. Very fit and healthy looking handsome black man.

When I finally was finished with my make up, I noticed he was taking his clothes off and I could see that big, very big bulge in his tight underwear. He wore no boxers, nice sort of tight sexy masculine underwear and a bulge that is obvious from across the street, if I was standing that far and in his undies, LOL. I was glad he wore no boxers, I hate them.

I began to look at his big muscles and wow, he as hot. He then pulled his underwear and I began to get scarred again. It looked small laying there limp and kind of calmed me a bit but, once I started to suck on it, it just blew me away how gorgeous the thickness, the dark color of it, the bulging veins all around it, that dark skin smooth blackish skin of his gigantic black cock and his clean smooth body all over was a real turn on. I just went at his dick sucking it like it was the last dick on earth. It got fucking big! I mean… I was not sure if I wanted it up my asshole but, knew it’s what he wanted. One thing about me is that I love sucking on dicks before I get myself turned on or you can pull on my left nipple and once you do that, you got me begging like a puppy. So, I tried to prolong sucking his dick and put him in different positions to feed me his dick so I can jerk my tranny stick.

I began to get very hard myself as I laid on the bed, he stood on the edge, fed me his dick hovering over the edges of the bed and his big black dick flopping
all over my face, like a big rubber dildo but, the “real” deal. Yumeeee… I sucked him off for the longest time and I just loved jerking myself off while I sucked like a baby on his dick. I was having a lot of fun.

I was spreading my legs and began to fondle my ass hole a bit when I then felt tingles around my hips and ass hole. He began to rub my thighs and then around my ass hole area. He had very nice smooth hands and just feeling him rub my hips made me feel like a natural woman, it turned me on. I actually was ready to cum a few times during this suck-a-thon. However, I knew that if came, I may have not any desire to get fucked BUT…I have to admit, I have done this a few times when I met guys that really, really, really turn me on. These few times, I was able to keep going after I shot my cum, even with my limp tranny dick. So, I actually held back and he told me, “Mmmm, I want to stick this black dick up that ass baby, you read baby?” He spoke in a
very nice soft masculine voice. I had a mouthful of dick and could only say ”yes” gagging.

He asked me to get on my knees, “doggie style.” he said. I got on my knees, pulled out the lubes, condoms, and I pushed the pillows over the headboard so I could grab em or stuff em over my face if he started to fuck me hard. He had a bit of a hard time getting it in but, I helped him by putting the lube over my hole and as I poured the lube above me and feeling it drip into the hole and my asshole area, he was able to slide it in. Once it was in, I was hurting. I was really telling him to go slower. Once is was comfortable, I began to jerk my body forward and back then suddenly, go forward and “slamed” back against his dick. I could feel the dick really hard and deep. It was going deep enough that it was comfortable but, it was the thick ness that really was hurting, in a good way that is. I just kept rocking back and forth. Then, he took control and I said to him, ”Oh, God, I have this dream of having three big giant black dicks like yours taking turns fucking my face and ass.” ”Fuck my ass hole, fuck that ass with that big black dick baby” I said. He then grabbed my hips and started to really fuck me very nice. He did not last long fucking me, he did not cum that fast either. It was just enough to enjoy the pain and be very happy.

“You want three black dicks huh?” He said. “OH yeah… real nice big ones like yours. I want one in my mouth and I want to sit on one, while the other gets ready to stick it in also.” I said. “Wow” He looked at me with wide eyes opened and said, “two dicks in you baby?” “Oh yeah… I want to sit on one, while the other spreads my legs and slides his dick in it at the same time and then the third one is fucking my face” I said. “I want to feel two big dicks up my asshole one day” I confessed.

I began to really go berserk and started to fondle my breasts and pinch both nipples, I did not care if I was hard, I was enjoying his dick go in and out of me. During this time, we where fucking while I was on my back and him holding my legs apart. Soon, he began to tell me he was about to cum. I told him to hold on and control it more. He did but, not that long. “Where do you want that cum baby?” he asked. ”pull it out of my ass hole right when your about to cum and stick your dick in my mouth” I told him. He began to fuck me harder and then I demanded that he fuck me harder, “fuck me harder, harder….. fuck that ass hole…baby, fuck it, fuck it harder.” He began to really fuck me hard and then suddenly pulled his dick out and man… I could feel that dick pulsing inside me as he fucked me then paused it. The pulsing pushed my ass hole then that pulsing dick up my ass hole was felt getting bigger as he was ready to cum.

He then pulled it out really fast and got up over on top of me, aimed his dick right in front of my face, aimed the head straight, pointing toward my mouth. I opened my mouth and I felt this thick, very white thick cum spew out of his dicks head, hole. I wanted to cum so bad but, I told him to not get up and walk away.  He started to walk awe and I immediately demanded him to not leave. “Come over here baby” like I slut I begged him to not move. “Get on the edge here and feed me that black dick so I can cum daddy…oh yeah….” He smiled and not one moved did he make to walk away. He inserted his dick in my mouth and he began to pull and pinch my nipples as I jerked my tray dick off. Wow, I was so ready cum when he felt the pleasure I got from him pinching, pulling my nipples and pulling them hard too. When he saw I was getting pleasure from pinching and pulling my nipples, he knew it was turning me on.
He kept doing it over and over and over and over and over, pulling and pinching, pulling and pinching. Then, when all of a sudden, I yell like  a mother fucker very loud, I squirmed all over the bed and I shot my cum like a giant fountain. Jesus Christ, it was fucking intense! He moved back and to the side, “Damn, baby… what the fuck is up with that?” he said.

“You really fucking cum good don’t you baby, wow…LOL” He started to laughed saying he never seen anyone cum like that. I laid there exhausted, really, really  exhausted. He smiled and put a towel over my body to clean up his cum and mine.

We laid there and he went into the bathroom to clean up. I was breathing very hard still and I did not want to move. I laid there for a long, long, very long time. We stayed and talked for a long time and he watched some footage from my new films and some from the old DVD. He finally left and I jumped into the shower to clean up and tried to clean my ass hole out and let it rest. It’s now very late, I’m ready to go to bed. Tomorrow, I get to fuck a new person whom I have never met.I love fucking new guys.

Thank you Mr. Las Vegas Black Giant Black Dick.



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