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PART 2. 001_blk_boots, Posted an add in ass pig dot com to see if there might be a few tranny lover. I knew my chances where extremely slim because gay men, who like men only, are what most gay sites are about, just men! Well, I will admit that everyone of them was very, very nice to me. No, I did not meet anyone but, did have the potential to meet a few. However, you know me, I’m so fucking picky that it’s had to say yes just to anyone. Unless there are candy and chocolates and that funny green gift, then it’s nooooooooooo problemo! Anyhow, the few that did reply where not exactly my type and I really was not going to ask for any presents. I was looking for a hot guy, to fist and meet others who are also hot and liked to give a fist. I mentioned that I only had two people fist me and the first time I had one, was so intense that It only got in my ass once and told them to pull out. I never had it done again until about 3.5yrs later, at my current apartment. I had this difficult guest whom I keep seeing and decided that I’d put the latex glove and pullout the crisco out.

The guy was slobbered the CRISCO all over my ass hole and in went one finger, two fingers, three fingers, then I had a cone shape fingers as thick as a can or more. I stood up and he was on the floor giving me his fist as I rocked forward and backward. I was taking control of the fist tension going in me when I suddenly could feel the bulging knuckles around my ass circle cavity. I let it stay there for a few seconds and then pulled it out. It was great and Knew it would go in if it continued this way. You have to have lot’s of patience and feel, its all about you taking time and feeling the cavity, NOT JUST FORCING THE FUCKING FIST IN ME OR WHOEVER YOUR DOING IT TO. DSCF0207Plus, you have to feel safe and comfortable with the person. Some people whom have tried this on me in the past, simply have no idea what they are feeling or poking at, what angle they are to work with, how to approach it. There is a skill and folks to this fisting stuff. Anyhow.. where was I? OH yeah, I know. This guy was being patient with me and within a few seconds of relaxing my ass muscles, I went right back to his cone shaped fist with his fingers. I asked him to put more lube and rub it around his knuckles also. He stuffed his fist into the can of CRISCO and then the vaseline when I suddenly felt his hand rubbing all over my ass hole area. He then then began to slide his fingers again in me and then it went deeper and deeper till it finally hit that one spot, the knuckles. “Oh, ok.. stop right there, DON’T MOVE!” I said. “Dont’ push, don’t do nothing, let me let it slide it in.” I said to him. My back went real slow backwards and my hips/waste slowly pushed back, and I mean… SLOWLY! I suddenly felt this TREMENDOUS sexual feeling and was feeling the knuckles go inside my ass hole. The whole fist then slide right in as a sucktion cup. “swhooop” it felt like. “OH, oh, God.. that feels so fucking good” I said. My dick was so fucking hard that I that I will admit, it did not take me long to cum! It was such an intense feeling that it blew me away.
The guy was on the floor, his arm and fist at a certain angle and I was standing up holding his fist in my ass. I kept it inside for a few seconds when I then pulled out, SLOOOOOOOOOWLY. The, what took me by amazing surprise was the way it felt after I pulled out. There was an tremendous intense feeling that made my ass hole tingle like it never has before, even when I was high on speed years ago! Never, ever had it felt this good. I was aching for the fist to go back in, anything, just fuck me! So, I grabbed his wrist and held it to aim my ass hole again. And it it went again. “Wow” I moaned! What an awesome feeling it was. I rocked slowly about 4 times thrusting my hips and getting his fist in and out of me till I finally gave up it up. I shot my cum so fast, so far, so intense, and so amazingly mesmerized by the intensity of the sexual feeling. The awesome part of this was that after I came, I only felt one thing….. I wanted to suck and get fucked by a real dick after. Yes, the fist was fantastic but, after I had cum and had his fist in me, I could of gone for more and more and more of an actual dick fucking me and another in my mouth. I was a total fucking slut nympho. I’m so fucking horny after this story that I’m going to go jack off, bye.

Fuck My Ass Hole, I’m Stressed Out, PART 1eroticsafari1
New “Story Time.” July 30th, 2010. The morning had come with another hard on for me. I was about to jack off my tranny dick when I then decided to hold on it. I had a huge mirror up against the wall in the living room after the movers came and took almost 99% of my furniture. I had been stressed out for weeks and weeks and I had not seen anyone for almost a month, three weeks If I’m correct. An after weeks of drinking so much beer, not exercising as I use to, and then eating more frequently made things worse for me to feel pretty. Well, the reason why there was so much stress is simply something I cannot tell you. The one thing I do know is that I’m moving out of the current apartment and on to a much better place where I can kept a dog, cat, and a parrot. No, I don’t own a parrot but, I did hear a big Macaw parrot on a balcony of the new apartment I’m moving into. The new manager charged me 500 deposit for a dog and cat deposit fee. I’ve been living 1.5yrs hiding my cat at the current place and it was time to get the fuck out of there. So, this morning, I woke up feeling a little better after seeing my apartment almost empty and eager to move into the new one. So, when I’m like this, feeling happy, I get horny!

Ring, right, went the phone. I had been talking to a person with a pleasant voice for almost 2 days and wanted to meet me. The person had me really nervous as I was not sure if I could get a hard on after all the stress I have been going through the past month. So, I figured since this person only wanted to fuck me, I did not have to get hard. I began to jack off briefly and sure enough, it got hard! I then relaxed and let it go down because otherwise, I would have continued to jack off and then cum. So, I jumped into the shower and got ready. My ass had a hose in for the longest time to clean out the insides of me, the person sounded like a black person and fantasized about seeing a big black dick up my ass hole, or his fist! Therefore, I had to clean my ass hole so I could get the fucking of a slutty whore nymphet! Yes, I wanted to get my ass hole filled and slammed with a dick! I was aching to stroke my dick while he fucked me and pinched both my nipples. “Pull on them, fuck my ass…” I kept saying to myself and eager to hear him do this. “Monica, can I see you dressed as a young school girl?” He said. “
“Oh, I have something just for you.” I said. “What color do you prefer, pink or green?” I asked him. “Pink.” he said.

A few weeks ago, I had to wash all my pink, red, and white thigh highs by hand. I washed them in the sink by hand one by one. Them I hanged them on the bathroom towel rack to let them air dry. I reached to grab the stripped white with pink thigh highs to match with a yellowish/orange/pink mixed colored thong, it was a tiny thong that barely, and I mean “barely” hold my bulge! I put on a cute white top that ha easy access to my titties and made of very soft material. This top has been with me for years and had also gotten a pink one at Victoria’s Secrete. To bad they no longer sell that particular one because they really make me feel sluttish when I wear them and they make you look youthful. “Oh, can I also see you in pig tails Monica?” He called and requested. “Well, I can do a pony tail or braids?” I said. “Ok, that’s fine.” He said. When I got out of the shower, I felt my ass hole so clean that I could of taken two dicks I my ass hole at the same time and then a dildo along with it with two dicks taking turns fucking my face. DSCF0001

bm01The back of my door patio was opened and in came this horny friend who wanted to fuck my ass hole. I was so fucking horny and ready that I started to adjust the big mirror on the floor and be able to see myself getting fucked! I loooooove to watch my ass hole get fucked in the mirror. However, since all my stress lately and eating and drinking so much, I was starting to feel unattractive and maybe even fat! So, I let my guest in and he began to take his clothes off. “You look great Monica,”mrc14 He said. I reached over to grab his dick and stroke his balls, very soft balls. He began to fondle my bulge and then asked to not wear my high heels. He began to fondle my bulge as it began to start protruding out of it’s side, the tiny thong was not enough to hold my hard on and balls. So, I took his hand and told him to pinch one nipple while the other he sucked on. I took my hand and began to pull the tiny thong to the side so I could release it from its pain; it was a good pain though. I started to jack it off while he sucked and pinched my nipple. “Oh, suck the other one, the left one baby” I said.jf37 “Ooooooo, yeah… suck my nipple baby, harder” I pleaded. “Yes, baby, suck on that tittie, pull those nipples and fondle my butt cheeks” I said. My body then began to turn around and wanted to lay myself on his back while I lay forward up against his check. I wanted to feel his dick between the centers of my butt cheeks and have his both hands pinching my nipples hard. I wanted to have him kiss my neck, grab my cock, cup my titties, kiss my neck more and more as he played with my body. “Pull my nipples baby, pull them harder… oh yes, like that, pull them baby, pull them.” I begged him. He complied with no problems. My pussy dick was so fucking hard that I wanted to cum while I was getting fucked.

bm09He laid on the bed and asked me to suck his cock and suck his balls. Yes, suck his balls, not lick! “OH, I said.” I was surprised to hear that and not “lick my balls.” Which I think it’s sort of cheesy and cheap. I was eager to suck his balls because they where very smooth and no hairs. The top of the dick did have hairs and I caught a few in my throat, not good! I fucking hate hairs on the throat! I pulled back from sucking him to get the fucking hairs out of my throat. As I was doing this, he reached to the back of my ass cheeks and wanted to pull my thong down. He grabbed some spit from his mouth and began to rub his fingertip around my ass hole. “No baby, use some lube, not spit!” I reached for the Pjur lube and felt 3-4-5 fingers go up my ass hole! “OH GOD…” I moaned out loud! “OH, that feels so fucking good baby… fuck my ass hole. Fuck it” I said. My body torso began to rock forward and back, I was feeling his whole amount of 4 fingers go in my, the Pjur lube was perfect and its as smooth as silk. From behind, I could feel his dick getting hard and then asked, “Yeah baby, take those fingers baby, now let stick my dick up that pretty ass mami?” I bend over the bed and gave him the bag full of condoms. He slid one on and I began to feel his cock go in my ass hole! bm36Once the dick was in, there was a bit of limpness on his part! I then got down on my knees and started to lick his balls while I removed the condom to let himself jack off and get it hard again. “Yeah, that’s it baby, suck those balls baby… yes, like that… yeah” He moaned. Once he got hard again, I reach for a condom and tried it again. “Get on the floor mami, stick that ass up in the air.” He said. So, I moved closer to the mirror and saw myself in the mirror. I was terrified that I expected to see a fat tranny! Well, I was totally fucking wrong! I looked so nice that I was getting turned on by my own body. I could see my pretty titties hanging and my ass up in the air with the pretty thigh highs. I was so ready for a fantastic fuck after seeing myself be proved wrong, I looked fucking great! “Yeah baby, your ass is fine Monica,” He said. “Yeah, stick that up baby higher, and spread those legs.” He whispered.
“OH yes baby… let me slide this dick in you baby…. Stay right their baby” I did not move one bit and saw him through the mirror squatting to insert his dick in my ass hole! “God, oh yes baby… fuck that ass, fuck it good baby” I said. “OH yeah, you want that dick I you huh?” He replied. “Yes, baby, fuck that ass, fuck it, fuck me, FUCK ME!” I yelled out. He began to fuck my ass real hard that I could literally feel his balls rocking back and forth every time he slapped his dick up my hole! bm29

“OH goodness, I can feel your balls slapping under my ass hole. Fuck it baby, yeah fuck it” I grinned. “You like that baby?” He asked, “Oh yeah, fuck me good daddy” I replied back. He kept fucking me harder and harder when I suddenly saw him pull out fast and looked at him take the condom off. I then saw him through the mirror jerking it off. Small squirts of cum began to come out and I heard him moan and moan when suddenly a big splatter of cum fell on my ass cheeks, then another splatter, and another and another, and another! I had cum all over and around my ass check. It was thick cum because I could not feel it drip! OH dear, I’m at Barnes & Noble writing this and I will admit that I’m not sure how I’m going to get out of here, I have to let my hard tranny dick go down. I’m wearing a skirt and sitting on this fluffy couch with a big black hot guy next to me! I’ve been wondering how big his dick was since I saw him sit down! The fantasy of sitting here on a big sofa chair, big enough to spread my legs wide and have this big black dick go up my ass hole!

The guest remained standing cleaning his dick off and then reached to clean my back. I noticed that he was not in any desire to make me cum! So, I let it go and since I noticed that I was not as heavy as I thought I was, I had the mirror to myself and a porn on the TV, I was going jack off by myself and please my pretty body. I was not going to deprive myself from enjoying my body and myself. I knew I looked good! When he left, immediately got on the floor and started to lay my head on a few pillows. I began to spread my legs and the first thing I saw was my ass hole, pretty and only wishing I could lick it if I could! I will admit, I lust after my own body many, many, many times. I wish I could fuck myself! I wish I could suck myself! I wish I could have a clone of myself to make love to. Yeah, it’s funny and even freaky to some but, what the fuck, it’s all about feeling good. And if you can’t look in the mirror and feel good about your own body, then you need to do something about it. I loved looking at my self, in pretty thigh highs, the porn on TV was a cute young female getting has ass hole filled by two black dicks! I did not last long jacking off; it was wonderful seeing myself in the mirror and my titties popping upwards, soft and perky nipples. Yeah, I really did not last long jacking off. I even did not have to push at the bass of my balls as I usually do to squirt far. It began to squirt out prematurely and then I contracted my dick and balls muscle to see my cum squirt shoot up high and plop on my cute thigh highs. OH yes, it was wonderful.

Phew, I had to take a deep breath after all that writing. I’m still in heat and will go home to set up my futon, bed spread, and most likely…. Jack off again. Want to join me? I’m eager to get fucked more and have my nipples pulled again. What are you waiting for dummy, the cat is in heat!


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